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what are compact service units?

Hopefully you have read our ventilation home page and heat recovery ventilation pages and therefore understand the concept of heat recovery ventilation and it's benefits?

Well, like our heat pump ventilation units, our Compact Services Units (CSU's) go a step further. Not only do they provide whole house ventilation with heat recovery, but with heat pump technology integral to the units, they also provide space heating and hot water. In addition to this, the PKOM 4 also has the ability to provide cooling.

When you install heat recovery ventilation, why not utilise the veins of the system: the duct work and terminals and provide a little more heat to the supply rooms of the house like bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms etc? A water cylinder is located within the CSU below the heat recovery ventilation and heat pump technology to provide enough domestic hot water for approximately three people.
Compact Service Units are suitable for small townhouses or apartments, where space is at a premium and the heat demand is low enough not to warrant a formal heating system. Both our CSU's are award winning:
  • PKOM 4 -'House of the Future' in 2000 and Build It's 'Best Renewable Heating Technology' in 2018.
  • Combi 185 - Build It's 'Best Heating Product' in 2013.
For more information on either product, please do go to their individual pages.