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The HPV Series and why you need it...

instant precise heating

Underfloor heating, although warm on the toes, takes some time to react to the ever changing temperatures that we experience in the UK. The HPV PTC ceiling terminals however, can react in an instant to sudden changes in external conditions, like sun coming through a window, keeping you more comfortable, in an efficient manner.

When utilising ventilation ducting to provide space heating for your home, it means that there's no need to go through the rigmarole of getting quotes on other forms of heating like air source heat pumps, biomass boilers etc.
Think of the time that will be saved when you don't have to worry about something else to schedule into the build programme and the money conserved on installation costs alone!

We all know that radiators always seem to be in the way of where you want to put furniture. They can be dangerously hot to the touch and then a few metres away appear not to have had any heating effect. With an HPV system, because you are utilising hidden ventilation ducting to manage your heating, you will always get a comfortable delivery of warm fresh air at the temperature you want it, where you want it, without any obtrusive heat emitters getting in the way of your Feng Shui!

recovery of heat

Recycling heat is a must; letting it out of a window or trickle-vent is just throwing money away and warming up the outside, whilst increasing energy consumption and your carbon footprint. Additionally, when you wanted to remove stale moist air from the bathroom or from cooking, you would trigger a noisy extractor fan which would then inadvertently take away your hard-earned heat to the outside. With heat recovery ventilation you recycle your heat, so you don't have to pay twice. Properly specified and installed, the HPV Series uses far less energy to ventilate and heat your home, which is good for you and good for the environment. 

The COP (Co-efficient of Performance) is a measurement of how much energy an appliance uses, in comparison to the energy it produces. For instance, a gas boiler has a COP of about 0.9 whilst the HPV Series has a typical COP of about 5.2*1 . That's 520% efficiency in comparison to gas at only 90%! With small pulses of heat when required from the heated ceiling terminals, less energy is wasted.

*1COP's vary between 3 & 12 depending on airflow and environmental conditions

Talking temperatures, imagine that it's -1oC outside and your house is 21oC inside; with heat recovery ventilation, you could expect to recover enough heat from your stale air being taken away, to heat the fresh air coming in, to 15oC. This means your heating system only has to find the 6oC of heat difference to get the air temperature back up, rather than the 16oC. It would have to handle, with basic ventilation. 

This process alone will probably save you about 1/3 on your heating bill, as well as saving the environment. With the HPV Series however, we can do more. If you look at the second diagram above, you can see that the temperatures achievable when you have a heat pump efficiently heating the air, are more than doubled. (And that's before the HPV PTC terminals are specified!)

energy efficient cooling

The beauty of a heat pump, is that it can be reversed to be like a fridge and provide cooling. This is useful on hotter days when you still want fresh air coming into your home. Not only will the heat exchanger be bypassed, but the heat pump will also gently cool the air if required. Furthermore, this is economic, and it is healthy, as it doesn't recycle air like an air-conditioner. It also reduces the humidity in the air so you will also benefit from a 'perceived' reduction in temperature.

fresh healthy air to breathe

As mentioned in the Heat Recovery Section, when you seal and insulate your home more, the indoor air quality (IAQ) in it deteriorates. Research in 2009 identified a grim link between serious respiratory conditions*1 and poor IAQ. Volatile organic compounds (VOC's) are constantly emitted from anything fire retardant; carpets, curtains, sofas and laminates or anything that you use to clean your home like detergents or air fresheners.

Additionally, if you're renovating a home, you won't necessarily have a vapour barrier, stopping any Radon Gas (that may be leaching out of the soil under your home) from building up to dangerous levels. Invisible and odourless, Radon Gas is the second biggest cause of lung cancer in the UK*2 .

When you think about living a healthier life, you think about exercising and sleeping more whilst eating less. Never do you think about the air you breathe. Without controlled ventilation, most of us also live with high carbon dioxide (CO2) levels indoors without ever thinking about it. The air humans breathe out is about 100 times more concentrated in CO2 than in Earth's atmosphere. Recent studies*3 have suggested that CO2 exposure can reduce cognitive and decision-making performance dramatically - by 50% or more at common indoor levels. High CO2 levels during the night result in restless sleep, dry mouth and skin, headaches and reduced mental state on waking.

*1 NHBC - Asthma, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, airborne respiratory infections, cardiovascular disease & sick-building syndrome (respiratory complaints, skin irritation and tiredness) *2 HSE *3 Satish et al 2012, Allen et al 2015

Without adequate ventilation, sometimes the air inside your home can have more pollutants in it than the air next to a busy road! You need to ensure that this constant cocktail of chemicals being released into your home is removed from you and your family as quickly as possible. This is especially beneficial for those people that suffer from Asthma or allergies as the fresh air from outside is filtered with an F7 pollen filter by the HPV Series. 

You spend about 70% of your time at home, breathing over 10,000 litres of air a day into your lungs; don't you want the air in your home to be as clean as possible?

the endless benefits of the HPV Series...


In Britain, 30 million people suffer from allergies and 10 million from Asthma. Special pollen filters eliminate pollen and allergens before they enter your home. Our optional electrostatic filter can remove particles down to 0.01 microns, removing car fumes and even many viruses.

fresh air

Stale air in your home is constantly replaced with fresh filtered air meaning that the cocktail of chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) emitted from chipboard, furniture, cleaning agents etc will be removed as well as any Radon Gas which may be present along with Carbon Dioxide. This will create a much healthier living environment in which to breathe.


Dustmites love to breed in moist environments, often causing allergic reactions to the unlucky occupants of the home. An HPV or HRV appliance helps to maintain healthy humidity levels in your home making it less inviting for dustmites. This is a comforting thought when you consider that we spend 70% of our time at home.

mould & mildew

Moisture generated from bathing or cooking builds up within your home, especially visible on windows and mirrors. This can be avoided as air is extracted from these wet rooms, eliminating mould and prolonging the life of the fabric of your home.


As fresh filtered air constantly replaces the stale air inside the home, unpleasant odours won't linger around the house from cooking, cleaning, cigarettes, pets or the bathroom.

cost savings & sustainability

A HRV/HPV appliance will contribute to reducing your energy requirements by about one third and cost savings will therefore be enjoyed. This is because up to 95% of the heat can be recovered that would otherwise be lost through alternative means of ventilation (opening windows, having trickle-vents in window frames or extractor fans in bathrooms). Waste heat can also be re-used for heating of the air and water.

peace & quiet

Enjoy peace and quiet, by keeping your windows shut from outside noises. Also, unlike localised extractor fans, the heat recovery ventilation appliance runs continuously and quietly.


Traditionally we open windows for ventilation. However, in town houses and ground floors, this may not be the safest option for you or your possessions, especially at night.


energy efficient heating

The micro heat pump inside the HPV Series is so efficient that it can provide COP's (Co-efficient of Performance) of between 3-12!*2 When you compare that with a gas boiler at 0.9, you can see that the HPV is the most efficient.

no formal heating system required

When installing metal rigid metal ducting into your home for ventilation, why not take advantage of the infrastructure to provide some space heating to your supply rooms? This means you won't need an additional heating system like an air source heat pump attached to underfloor heating, saving you time, money and hassle.*3

good for off-gas properties

When you're in a village that doesn't have gas, this system is ideal as all it requires is some electricity, which you could even get from photo voltaic panels on your roof.

precise and instant heating

A heat pump ventilation system can instantly react to changes such as the sun coming through a window and warming the room up. There is no lag time, (unlike UFH) and with the HPV Series, the PTC terminals in supply rooms are also very precise within the supply zone that they are operating.

energy efficient cooling

For when those summer days are just too hot, the automatic summer bypass operates, so no heat is recovered from the stale air. Add to this the heat pump reversing itself, you can benefit from energy efficient cooling with a COP of about 4.5.

domestic hot water

The HPW 300 has a 300L water cylinder with an integral micro heat pump to supply energy efficient domestic hot water with a COP of 4 on the heating cycle. It can heat about 880L of water a day just with the heat pump.

secondary coil

The HPW 300 has a secondary coil (heat exchanger) to either accept heat from another source like solar thermal or a heating battery, or run up to 20m2 of underfloor heating into three zones, (ideal for bathrooms, WC's etc).

controller app

If necessary, you can even precisely prepare the ventilation, heating, cooling or hot water for your home via the app on your tablet or smart phone. For added peace of mind, if there is an issue with your HPV system, our customer service department can receive diagnostics information remotely, facilitating a prompt, bespoke response.

*1 when both the HPV Series and HPW 300 are installed in combination  *2 depending on airflow and envrionmental conditions  *3 when the home is built at/near the Passivhaus standard and with under an 8kW heat loss