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extract ventilation appliance with air to water heat pump

Air To Water ApplianceOur appliances extract heat from either the ouside air, a cold roof space or from wet rooms, providing a year-round supply of domestic hot water. They have between 210 and 300L water capacity and can heat water to 60 degrees C which covers all the needs of a typical family of four.

The heat pump provides nearly 70%* free energy, with typical COP's (Co-efficient of performance) of 4 over four times the efficiency of traditional electric water heating. During sunny days you can add free energy from solar panels through the secondary coil to heat the water, making the system even more efficient. The HPW 300 can also be set up to supply up to 20m2 of wet underfloor heating in say bathrooms.

These appliances are particulary useful if you can't put ductwork all round the house but still want to take advantage of extracting stale air out of your wet rooms and utilising the waste heat within your home. Also, it is useful in situations where it is inconvenient to change your currently gas/oil heating system but you still want to be more energy efficient and take some of the load off your main heat source.

Air-to-water heat pumps can be set-up in two ways:

Air -to-water heat pumps can be set-up in two ways:
1  simply exhaust one duct to the outside and use an extract duct from the cold roof space for water heating

2  set-up the ducting as a complete central extract system, meeting extract ventilation regulations as well, by removing moist stale air from the kitchen and bathroom and using the energy to heat the integral water cylinder
When required for the situation mentioned in points 1 and 2 above, the appliance is slim and compact enough to fit through any door, so it can be fitted quickly and easily by your installer without turning your home into a building site.