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Pichler LG range of Heat Recovery Ventilation units

For 60 years Pichler have built heat recovery ventilation units of an uncompromising build quality culminating in the LG350 and LG450. They provide optimal comfort, exceptionally high energy efficiency and total control, for peace of mind. The LG range also sets new standards in quiet performance providing 'almost silent' ventilation to your home.

Pichler LG350 and LG450 Heat Recovery Ventilation Units

PassivHaus certified, the LG features a heat recovery system with a counter-current heat exchanger with up to 90% efficiency that is  made of recyclable plastic. It also has an automatic 100% summer bypass as standard, so heat won't be recovered on those hot-summer nights.

With the energy-saving Belimo fans driven by the latest EC (electronically comutated) motor technology, you can rest assurred that there will be minimal electricity consumption. As standard we also specify high grade fresh air intake F7 filters which prevent dust, pollen and allergens from entering the home, useful for Asthma and allergy sufferers. The LG range can be either floor or wall-mounted.

Pichler LG350 & LG450 units


Once commissioned, the LG heat recovery ventilation system can be left to run by itself, as various sensors within the infrastructure, feedback data to the control board. This in turn will adjust the system's operating parameters to target a healthy and desirable home environment. However, in most situations you may still want at least some level of control to vary what those targets are. The operation of the LG system is simple either via the MINI or touch-screen controller.

Pichler LG Controllers
MINI controller
  • operating mode: Summer, Winter or automatic
  • ventilation level 1-3
  • filter clean/replacement indicator
  • fault message
  • LAN connection for remote diagnostics and App

touch-screen controller
  • operating mode: Summer, Winter or automatic
  • ventilation level
  • filter clean/replacement indication
  • 24/7 programming
  • demand driven CO2 and humidity control (optional)
  • target temperature control including optional post-duct heater
  • information on measured values
  • LAN connection for remote diagnostics and App

Of course what system would be without it's free smartphone app; for Android and iOS, it can easily operate your LG whether you're at home or out and about and it is useful for remote diagnostics.


The LG range can be either floor or wall-mounted with the LG350 being suitable for homes of up to 256m2 and the LG450 for homes of up to 324m2.

certification & specification

Here is a brief specification summary of the LG units:

Brief Specification of Pichler LG350 and LG450

Demand-driven ventilation is possible when the optional CO2 and humidity sensors are included and when integrating a pre-heater, frost-free operations are ensured.

The LG 350 and LG 450 are Passivhaus certified components and more than cover Part F (Ventilation) and Part L (Energy) of Building Regulations. For more technical information, please go to the downloads section of our website.